Greg Brimble

Technological Engineer

About Me

I am currently a Software Engineer at Cloudflare working on Cloudflare Pages in the Emerging Technologies and Incubation department. Cloudflare Pages is a Jamstack platform built on one of the world's fastest networks, and it has big ambitions to become the fastest, most secure and most reliable platform for building websites.

Before Cloudflare, I worked as a Research & Development Software Engineer at Administrate—a cloud-based SaaS company, based in Edinburgh.

I graduated with the First Class Honours and the Class Prize for Top Performance in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and before that, studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. I have been a recipient of the IET Great Exhibition Scholarship, as well as the James Clayton Undergraduate Scholarship from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

I have a massive passion for technology, programming, engineering, and artificial intelligence; and I have previously volunteered as a Technological Engineer at the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN Research), a charity focused on advocating for research and innovation in pediatric clinical healthcare.

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