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Greg tries his hand at writing a newsletter and streaming data analysis.

Hello! 👋 Hopefully the first of many, but we all know how side-projects go.

Nothing too interesting for you today, sorry! This is primarily just a test of deliverability and figuring out how to write on Revue.

However, (blatently stealing Rick's idea), I am going to stream myself as I fumble around the analysis for the Structured Data chapter of this year's HTTP Archive's Web Almanac. Assuming I've set everything up correctly, we should be live tomorrow (Sunday, 5th September) at 1200 UTC on Twitch and YouTube. I'm guessing it will take about three hours to complete, but we'll see.

Getting dangerously close to my undergraduate project, the bulk of the work will be writing a script to parse JSON-LD from the 13 million webpages we scraped in July. There will also be some SQL and Google Sheets shenanigans sprinkled throughout.

If this sort of thing interests you, check out last year's chapter on CMSs which I also did the analysis for.

I have a couple of other ideas for projects I'd like to stream, so stay tuned for some more sessions in the near future.

Thanks for trying this out with me!


Watch me stream on Twitch or YouTube

Tomorrow (Sunday, 5th September) at 1200 UTC.

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