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A quick update on what I've been up to in the last month: Cloudflare Images, Cloudflare Pages, and the 2021 Web Almanac.

A quick update on what I've been up to in the last month: Cloudflare Images, Cloudflare Pages, and the 2021 Web Almanac.

Cloudflare Images

Launched in September's Speed Week, Cloudflare Images is an inexpensive, high-performance, and featureful service for hosting and transforming images. It supports user uploads, access control and it automatically selects the best format to deliver.

Cloudflare Images Now Available to Everyone Cloudflare Images Now Available to Everyoneblog.cloudflare.com Today, we are launching Cloudflare Images for all customers. Images provides a single product to store, resize and serve images. We built Cloudflare Images, so customers of all sizes can build a scalable and affordable image pipeline with a fraction of the effort.

I wrote an in-depth blog post on the optimizing images for the web, discussing how best to measure performance, techniques for reducing load times, and launched an accompanying tool to analyze a website's performance (with particular focus on its images).

Optimizing images on the web Optimizing images on the webblog.cloudflare.com A detailed breakdown of how best to optimize images for the web, a new tool to test a webpage's image performance, and explanation of how Cloudflare Images can help to improve your website's image experience.

I also appeared on Cloudflare TV with the rest of the team discussing Cloudflare Images.

Cloudflare Pages

After launching Cloudflare Images, I moved to the Cloudflare Pages team. Cloudflare Pages is a Jamstack platform built on one of the world's fastest networks, and it has big ambitions to become the fastest, most secure and most reliable platform for building websites. With everything that I've seen of the roadmap, I believe that future will soon be realized.

We just announced support for custom headers and enhanced redirects, and have plenty more improvements and exciting features in development.

Introducing Custom Headers for Cloudflare Pages Introducing Custom Headers for Cloudflare Pagesblog.cloudflare.com Announcing support for custom headers for projects on Cloudflare Pages.

Web Almanac

The 2021 Web Almanac is due to be published in mid-November, but if you're itching to see the results from my Structured Data analysis, you can check out this Google Sheet and the queries that generated those results.

Fun fact: of the 13M pages we crawled, the most nested JSON-LD entity had 17 layers of ancestors (it was a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild)!

Up Next

There's plenty of new features coming to Cloudflare which will keep me pretty busy, but I also plan to stream again soon; GraphQL on Durable Objects has been scratching my brain again, so I'll maybe tackle that.

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